Valley Kids and Summer Days

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Valley Kids and Summer Days

Evangelina Lopez

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When you hear the word summer what do you think of? Warm beaches? Cool water? Bright sun? Sleeping? Hanging out with friends during summer vacation is a must. Many kids spend their days with family, friends, on the road, and even sleeping. The student’s summer vacations are all over the place, figuratively and literally. I explored the Valley campus and spoke with some of our students to determine how great their time away from school had been for them.

Rolando Del Rio shared, “ My Summer was great. I hung out with my friends. We drove around and went to some cool spots. We enjoyed each other’s companies, took photos, and shared some laughs.

Some people had the time of their lives, others such as Christopher Defreze spent his summer differently. “I worked a lot, nothing fun. I used to work at Jamba Juice down on Hacienda, but I do NOT recommend it. All the fun people are gone and the manager is strict. I also wrote a bit, I like to write.”

Working the whole summer sounds pretty bad, but at least he did something he likes which made it a bit better.

Temperature wise summer was a nightmare, especially in LA where Sara Beth O’Connell was. “I went to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Utah. Disneyland was way too hot, Universal rides had to shut down, and Utah was Utah. Overall though, summer was pretty good.”

Some people stayed here in Dublin while others went somewhere around the world. Flying on airplanes tend to freak a lot of people out but not Ryan Montgomery. “I’m on an airplane almost every single summer. I go over to Georgia to visit my brother and dad. This time I made my brother come over to California so we went on the plane together. The way there I almost had a heat stroke, but the way back was fine.”

Going places around the world is fun, but sometimes walking to the fridge from your bed is enough. Relaxing at home and enjoying your own company is sometimes needed, especially during summer vacation.

“Time flies when you’re having fun”, is extremely true, especially on vacations. The days turn into nights then next thing you know your free time turns into school work. Wishing for summer is very common in our teenage life. We want an endless amount of time to have adventures and think of nothing but fun. Thankfully, over the summer there were a bunch of cool things to do, especially at the Alameda County Fair. When I went, it felt like we were all baking in an oven. The sun had even ruined my favorite ice cream from tasting good. Rides would make your skin stick giving you the feeling being attached to the seat of the ride. The only amazing part was going with my boyfriend to buy a bunny. Our new addition now goes by the name of Buttons. He has a huge family who loves him, especially his new best puppy pal Stella. Personally, I usually love the fair, but prices there are as crazy as Disneyland. Who would actually pay $3 – $3.50 for a bottle of water? Well, I guess me if I get really thirsty.

To some people, summer was great, and to others, it was a mess. Summer is for memories whether they are good or bad.

Kyra Colquitt feels the same way. “My summer was extremely memorable. I went to Washington, D.C. While being there I went to a ton of Museums. I’m such a huge nerd for that stuff. Me and my family also screamed at the White House for a bit. We probably looked crazy. We also visited all the monuments. While being in D.C. I decided to have a look at the campus of my future college, Howard University. I’m DEFINITELY going there for sure now. These memories shape you in your future and help you figure out exactly who you are as a person. These memories are important in shaping the perfect you, that you can be.”

Later on in life we will all look back at our lives and laugh and cry. Our emotions live in our memories. We get to choose how we view our experiences. We can think, “Oh yea I’m never going on that 100 ft slide ever again.” or, “Hey, that slide wasn’t too bad, it was pretty darn fun and exhilarating! I can’t wait to go on it again!”

Overall summer was fun, hot, and memorable. Traveling around the world, spending time with friends and family, sharing memories, and sleeping. Summer isn’t just, “pick one and stick with it”. Summer is a mix of it all. The good and the bad. The right and the wrong. You’re going to make mistakes. Well guess what, you’re a human being. Summer isn’t to be perfect, look perfect, act perfect. Summer is to be you, be happy, and just have fun. I can’t wait for next year’s summer vacation.