VHS 2018 Polls

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VHS 2018 Polls

Desiree Gomez

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Why is it when you listen to music, you like the beat of a song and your friend likes the lyrics of a song? Do you wonder why someone likes Mac N’ Cheese and you don’t? Or why someone likes the San Francisco 49ers and not the Oakland Raiders? Our perspectives are told by our experiences and choices. With that being said, we can all view the same picture and create a different story. I picked a few topics that I know interested me and could possibly interest you. I choose these because I like to listen to music on my free time, watching sports, and knowing how people would do things differently.

Music is something people are always talking about. Summer 2018 there was a lot of new music that came out. I went through my playlist and picked a few male/female artists to see who people would like best and who they would rather listen to more. I chose these artist because they were most of what I heard everyone playing.

Who’s a better female rapper?

Nicki Minaj – 33%
Cardi B – 33%
Lil Kim – 17%
Iggy Azalea – 17%

Who’s a better male rapper?

Drake – 33%
50 Cent – 0%
Kanye West – 17%
Eminem – 50%

Everyone has different thoughts on places to go, things to do, and life situations. I found it interesting on what people’s thoughts were on places to visit. For me I would want to go to Universal Studios instead of Disneyland because, I’ve been to Disneyland plenty of times and would like to try out a new amusement park.

Would you rather go to ..?

Disneyland – 17%
Universal Studios – 83%

Would you rather die old age with no wisdom or die young age with all the wisdom?

Die old age with no wisdom – 50%
Die young age with all the wisdom – 50%

Would you rather marry your ex and live with them for life or be single forever?

Marry ex – 41%
Single forever – 58%

I was sitting at lunch brainstorming ideas for the Poll section of the newspaper. I thought that asking some food questions would be something people would like to answer. I picked out foods to put in questions that people would like to answer.

Do you prefer ..?

Hotdogs – 25%
Hamburgers – 75%

Which is better?

Cookies – 25%
Brownies – 75%

Do you dip your pizza in ranch?

Yes – 66%
No – 41%

Which smaller candy is best?

Skittles – 50%
M&M’s – 17%
Sixlets – 8%
Reese’s Pieces – 25%

In my family we love sports. With that being said, I thought it would be the right time to ask a football question knowing it’s football season. If I had to choose which football team is best I would say the Oakland Raiders because, growing up in Hayward that’s all we were around and were talking about. I’ve been an Oakland Raider fan for as long as I can remember.

Which football team is best?

Dallas Cowboys – 0%
New England Patriots – 0%
Oakland Raiders – 25%
San Francisco 49ers – 75%