3,000 students or 60 students?

Kalei Rodriguez

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    Would you rather be a Dragon or a Gael? Would you rather participate in sports at your own school or not? Do you prefer 51 minute or 47 minute classes? Are you more comfortable with 45 people in your class or 12? Do you prefer to start school at 9:00 AM or 8:00 AM? Would you rather go to McDonalds, Starbucks, or Little Caesars or have school lunch? These are questions about two different worlds. Dublin High School and Valley High School. Dublin High School’s environment is bigger. The campus, they have many more students, the staff is larger than Valley’s staff, etc. there are many difference, but here are some of the main ones.

Starting the day

    Valley starts at 9:00 AM and Dublin starts at 8:00 AM. Starting at 8:00 AM is too early in my opinion. Starting at 8 means you have to get up at 6:30 AM. Which is really early. I stay up at night and I’m sure many other high school students do as well. Getting up early already makes us tired, but having to go to school just drains us even more. Some of us don’t go to bed until 11:30. It’s better to start at 9:00 AM because you get more sleep and you’ll feel more energized in the morning.

Dublin also has more selections for classes than Valley. Dublin has more math selections, more electives, different sciences, etc. Valley only has 5 class periods and Dublin High has 7 class periods. Valley gets out earlier then Dublin does as well. The school day at Valley ends at 1:40 PM and Dublin gets out at 3:27 PM. They get out later than we do because they have seven class periods in a day. They’re class periods are 51 minutes long and Valley’s class periods are only 47. Our passing periods are different also. We have three minute passing periods and Dublin High has 5 minute passing periods, because their campus is much bigger than ours. I think getting out earlier is beneficial for scholars because they have more time to focus on outside activities like jobs, sports, helping out family, etc.

At Dublin High the school year is divided into two semesters. At Valley High the school year is divided into four quarters. Each quarter at Valley you can earn up to 3.5 credits per class per quarter. Which means you can get credits quicker than you could at Dublin. You can earn up to 14 credits by the end of the year per class and graduate earlier if you really work hard and get your work done at Valley. At Dublin you can only get 5 credits per class per semester. Which means you can only earn 10 credits at the end of the year for each class. Valley provides an opportunity for students to earn more credits per class by the end of the school year than Dublin High. You could finish high school in less time. Valley has quarterly finals while Dublin has semester finals. In my opinion, the way Valley does it is better. It’s a lot less stressful and you don’t have to remember as much for the final tests. You only have to remember things from the quarter, not a whole semester. Each quarter we get new schedules and our grades reset. At Dublin the grades reset after each semester. It’s better for grades to reset each quarter. If the grade doesn’t reset, you still have to try and bring it up and it’s more stressful that way. It’s hard to bring grades up. Valley gives no homework while Dublin on average gives 4+ hours of homework each night. With all the homework from 7 classes, projects that are assigned, essays and papers, etc. I think having no homework is better than having homework, not just because homework is boring, but because students have more time to do things like hangout with friends and family and they get to do what they want with their free time and there isn’t a lot on their plates. From my experience at Dublin High, I was having 4+ hours of homework each night. Dublin assigns so much homework, by the time you even finish you have to go to bed and wake up the next morning.

The way it works

    Dublin High offers a lot more class options than Valley does. Valley only has classes that we need to take if you want to graduate from here. Dublin High provides more learning opportunities and more classes that students would want to experiment with considering their future. Dublin provides greater learning opportunities and greater variety of electives. Dublin has electives like drawing, drama, engineering, video production, fashion, etc. This provides students with the opportunity to experiment with classes that they’re interested in. Which is better because students then have more things to learn about and see if they want to pursue that in their future. However, Valley is more flexible with the class schedules. Lots of kids here actually get the classes they want. Dublin just assigns your classes. It’s hard to get it changed because there are so many students. It’s hard to find a empty spot in class for the student that wants to be put into that specific class.


    Teachers are different at each school too. Teachers at Valley have more one on one with their students. I think it’s better that way because more students might understand the work better. If you want one on one time with a teacher at Dublin, you have to tell them in advance. At valley you can just ask a teacher and they’ll most likely help you then and there. Dublin teachers never really talk to their students individually because they don’t have time. Dublin is a lot more crowded than Valley. It’s harder for teachers to actually help the students that need help because they have lots of students to take care of. There are about 40 students in each class, which is way too many students for one class. At Valley there’s only about 10 students in each class. Having fewer students is better because it isn’t as overwhelming. Teachers at Dublin have all the assignments they have to grade and homework papers, tests and projects. Dublin gives a lot more quizzes and tests than Valley does. Teachers at Valley only have to grade assignments given in class. Most of the time lots of students finish it in class so they can grade it more quickly and get it out of the way. They don’t have as much to grade as Dublin does because here, there aren’t lots of tests and quizzes.


    The environments in both schools are very different. Valley feels a lot more welcoming than Dublin High does. The students at Valley are a lot more friendly and less awkward. In my experience at Dublin High, it was really hard for me to make new friends because the students there just weren’t very talkative. Students at Dublin High are, in my opinion, hard to talk to. There’s a constant fear of judgment. Lots of students talk bad about other students. It never get around to the office or any staff. Valley staff would hear if something was being talked about and they would put a stop to it. It never reaches anyone at Dublin High so it never and will never stop. Valley students are a lot easier to talk to and they’re all a lot more social. Dublin High students are more about their work than anything else. A good handful of students are like Valley students but it’s kind of hard to find those types of students.


    When the school day is over, it’s crazy crowded. Dublin High has two parking lots and they’re both pretty big parking lots. The bell rings and everyone rushes out of their classes to go find friends, go to their cars, find their parents, etc. The hallways are loud and there is barely any space to move. You’re touching people just walking in the halls. There is so much traffic at Dublin High School all the time. People leaving for their Gael period, before school, after school, and lunch are the main times it is crowded. Lunch is probably the worst, especially if you drive. At lunch It gets backed up far and there is one big line of cars waiting to leave the parking lot. Everyone is rushing to get out of the parking lots first to beat the traffic, before school is pretty crowded too. All of Village Parkway is backed up. At Valley, not many people drive and Valley has less students than Dublin High does.. At Valley we have one good sized parking lot and at the end of the day it isn’t crowded at all.


In conclusion, Valley and Dublin High are two great schools. I love them both. Lots of people at Dublin think Valley is a school for the ¨bad kids¨. It really isn’t. We are all the same. We’re all just students trying to get our diplomas so we can move on. One school is not better than the other just because one seems more fun. Valley may not have off campus lunch or might not do as many rally’s as Dublin High does, but it’s still fun. The people and the teachers make this school fun. To sum it up, all these points that I have stated in my article are true.